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*Meltdown* Karine Jean-Pierre Snaps As Reporters Bombard Her with Questions on Biden Documents Scandal (VIDEO)

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Wednesday snapped after several days of non-stop questions related to Biden’s documents scandal.

Biden has nothing on his public schedule today.

He’s hiding while his spokeswoman takes all the heat from the press pool.

Reporters once again on Wednesday grilled Karine Jean-Pierre about the classified documents stored in Biden’s garage.

NBC’s Peter Alexander asked KJP: “We’ve all reached out to the Department of Justice…[They have] not told the WH that it cannot talk about the fact underlying the special counsel investigation…So…why can’t you speak about the underlying facts?”

Karine Jean-Pierre obfuscated: “We’ve been clear…”

Peter Alexander accused the Biden White House of withholding information from the public.

“Will you concede that it’s the White House that has been incomplete in its provision of information?” he said.

Karine Jean-Pierre referred him to the White House counsel’s office.


Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich asked if the White House would invite someone from the DOJ to answer questions on the Biden documents scandal since she is refusing to answer questions.

“If you are not able to talk about this from the podium, would you invite a DOJ official to take our questions here?” Heinrich asked.

“No” – KJP replied.


Jacqui Heinrich pushed back on KJP and asked more questions: “But on questions that you should be able to answer…can you tell us if there’s any sort of assessment that has been planned or launched to determine if national security has been jeopardized at all?”

“Again, that’s for the Department of Justice,” KJP said.


Karine Jean-Pierre got testy with Jacqui Heinrich for asking why she isn’t answering any questions.

“And, let’s be clear. It’s not your decision to make on what I can’t and can answer from here.” KJP said.


Karine Jean-Pierre snapped after Gray Television’s Jon Decker asked if it was proper for Biden to comment on an ongoing DOJ investigation.


Jon Decker and Karine Jean-Pierre got into an argument over her lack of transparency.


Videos courtesy of Newsbusters

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